Daily Gratitudes: Day 13 of 21

Today was a good day.

One of my colleagues who has also been retrenched decided to check in with me early this morning. Turns out she is petrified that she won’t be able to find another job. I am grateful to have been able to provide her with some comfort and support. And then one of my team members who rarely speaks to me because he is so shy, came knocking to ‘just say hello’. As I said, it was a good day today ☺️

I nearly forgot to write this tonight because we were unexpectedly load shedded. For the non-South Africans, this means that the power is cut for an entire grid, that is about 30 suburbs, for anything from 2 to 6 hours. This is because our power utility has been very, very badly managed for several years and they cannot provide enough power without shedding usage for a period of time. I was catching up on some work at home when the power went off. So suddenly no TV in the background, no light – not even from the street, no WiFi, no charging of already low batteries. And one of my team members was waiting for the document that I was busy updating. I am grateful that I was able to connect to my iPad’s personal hotspot and that I was able to send the document before it got too late.

And so we all went to bed. Although we have emergency light sources, they are not good enough to read by. And then the mosquitoes started to make a nuisance of themselves. So up we all got again to spray liberally against the mosquitoes! No sooner had we got back into bed, then the power came back on. After only an hour. I am not complaining. No, this is yet another thing to be grateful for today!

I’m a little distracted tonight, so I think I’ll stop right here.

Until next time ☕️

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