Daily Gratitudes: Day 12 of 21

I have just completed some pre-work for a free coaching session that I have scheduled with a Tony Robbins coach. I am so grateful that I came across that offer and couldn’t believe it when the call came all the way from California! When I submitted the request, I had no idea quite how fortuitous the timing would be. I have so much that I need to bounce off somebody right now. I feel like I am standing at a cross roads and not sure if I will make the right decisions. I so need coaching right now!

Another well timed call was from a new financial advisor who has taken over my portfolio. I didn’t really know what I would be discussing with him, I agreed to meet with him because my gut told me to that perhaps something would come of it. He has given me a lot to think about, particularly about how to maximize my investments. I am grateful to be attracting the people that I seem to need right now into my life.

Although I could take as much time away from the office during the consultation period to consult with my own financial advisors, tax advisors, etc. up until today I have continued to focus on my work at the office. Today I took some time off to complete some of the retrenchment forms, to meet with the new financial advisor, to consider what I want to discuss with the Tony Robbins’ coach and to prepare for the meeting I have tomorrow with my private banker. I am grateful to have had the time to think and reflect today.

Until next time ☕️

2 thoughts on “Daily Gratitudes: Day 12 of 21”

  1. Hi Joy, what a wonderful undertaking that you’re doing 21 days of gratitude! I wanted to thank you for visiting my website and liking some of my posts. You reminded me to publish a piece I wrote on self-gratitude and body gratitude too! It’s only lately that I realized it’s quite a vulnerable thing to tell people what we’re grateful about. I’ve not read all your posts but I’m delighted seeing you do this 🙂

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