Daily Gratitudes: Day 11 of 21

Today I started handover of the work that still needs to be closed out after I leave.

I am grateful that for some of the work there is someone who has the background and who will be able to step in quite seamlessly. Although there isn’t that much left to do, client impact cannot be predicted and this particular person will be able to minimize any fallout.

I started handing over a large part of my role a few months ago. I have been coaching and mentoring one of my senior leads for some time now and there was a time when he didn’t seem too interested in the role. But the light bulb went on and he is doing really well now. I am really grateful to have had the privilege to witness his metamorphosis. Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching someone whom I have coached and mentored do well.

I will be handing over the last part of my work in the next couple of weeks. This part will be the hardest as I will be handing over to someone completely new to the area. She has a great reputation but I worry that she will underestimate the workload. But I am grateful that she is someone who I have known for years so I can be absolutely frank with her which will hopefully prepare her for all eventualities.

I am grateful for good friends. One of them just called me to offer a sympathetic ear. I am also grateful for the friendship and support from team members and colleagues. One of the executives that I work with called me earlier to check in with me. A few team members came to my desk to offer support. I am blessed.

Until next time ☕️

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