Daily Gratitudes: Day 10 of 21

Today I have a lot to be grateful for.

We had lunch at one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in town to welcome a new baby into the family. There were about 70 guests; all family and friends. The food was outstanding, we had twelve dishes in total, mostly fish or seafood as the mother of the baby is a pescatarian. Here are a few of the dishes:

– Fish belly soup

– Silky steamed egg with dried scallops

– Meat platter of crispy roast belly pork, barbecue pork and roast duck

– Steamed chicken with ginger and garlic

– Prawns with garlic and chillies

– Sir fry calamari with greens

– Stir fry fish with gourd

– Chow mein

– Lor Hon Chai (special Chinese mixed vegetables)

– Sweet and sour pork trotters with fresh ginger root

– Almond soup with sago

We also had steamed white rice, you cannot have Chinese food without rice!

Because this was a special lunch, there was an additional dish on the table. Boiled eggs with red colored shells, symbolizing fertility for the parents, are placed on the table to be eaten with pickled ginger as a snack. The sweet and sour pork trotters with ginger is also thought to help the mother with breast feeding. The mother and I joked that it was a pity that she doesn’t eat pork and that the rest of us didn’t need it! It was delicious all the same.

I was grateful to be able to relax, to catch up with family and friends whom I haven’t seen in a while, to eat some delicious food and really, to just be.

That’s it for today.

Until next time ☕️

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