Daily Gratitudes: Day 9 of 21

I have just been reading a couple of articles about gratitude on LinkedIn.

One of the articles suggested that being grateful is a source of resilience. I like that thought. I list resilience as one of my major strengths and it makes sense to me that being grateful can be restorative when one is experiencing stress and anxiety.

Today I am grateful for a relaxing day. I really don’t remember what I did for most of the morning and I think it is because I had just potted around doing nothing in particular. Not my usual kind of day, but there you go!

The dog trainer came today. We usually only train our year old German Shepherd because he is very big and very powerful. And very, very excitable when we take him out. Today we tried something different and decided to train our 3 year old Belgium Shepherd with him. She hasn’t had much in the way of training but she did very well! It was a little chaotic because she would sometimes breakaway and run to whomever had the titbits! Then he would run over to her spot. But I am grateful to have seen that it is possible to train both of them together. Something we have tried before with little success.

Today was hot and we didn’t feel like anything heavy for dinner. So we tried a new place called Soul Souvlakia because their menu had a lovely looking list of meze that we could snack on. I was a little nervous about ordering our full meal from them as my husband can be quite fussy and gets grumpy if the food is not good. I was so grateful that every single item was delicious! We will definitely order from them again.

That’s all for today.

Until next time ☕️

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