Daily Gratitudes: Day 8 of 21

Today I informed my team of my big decision.

The IT division that I work in has offered voluntary retrenchment packages to 528 of us, about 15% of the the IT workforce. I was shocked to be one of the people on the list. I cried on and off for the first few days. But after listening to the thinking that went into the decision to put me on the list, I had to concede that it was in my best interests to accept the package. So I am very grateful to have an executive who looked out for me at such a tough time for the organization.

We were handed our letters on Monday 12 November. Originally, we were given until today to advise of our decision and to exit the organization. A week ago we were advised that we had an extra month in which to make the decision without any loss in package. I am really grateful to the staff union for lobbying for the extra month; I would not have been mentally or emotionally prepared to leave today. So while some accepted the package with the exit date of today others, including me, have opted to exit on 31 December. A few have opted for the third option; to remain until the end of the consultation period while seeking redeployment.

I was very composed when addressing my staff. Some were shocked. Some were angry. Most were speechless. I honestly thought that seeing that I had had three weeks to get used to the idea, that I would be able to get through the briefing without crying. But then one of them asked me if I could come back on contract. And I could hear the catch in my voice, followed by the prickle of tears behind my eyes. And I cried a little. Later, a few of the other team members came past my desk to express their shock. And to give me hugs. I am enormously grateful to be so loved.

Today I am also grateful to get my car back. My car has been in and out of the repair shop for long periods of time; this last time for nearly 3 months. The gearbox and radiator had to be replaced at great cost. And although I was starting to get impatient, I didn’t want to pressurize them because I really, really want the repairs to be impeccable this time.

Today has been an emotional day. I am grateful to come home to a comforting meal.

Until next time ☕️

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