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Daily Gratitudes: Day 7 of 21

I had an early start today. Awake by 5h00 and out of bed by 5h15.

Today was the day of the very important meeting! I had to make a good impression and dress appropriately. Not the way that I normally dress for the office. I have become lazy in my attire for work. Most days jeans and a nice top. Smart jeans though, so I still look fine. But no make up, moisturizer and tinted sunblock at most. I am grateful that smart casual wear is acceptable at my organization. I feel comfortable dressed this way.

For the meeting this morning, I wore one of the new trousers that I bought on the weekend. Navy blue. With a navy blue pin striped jacket. Luckily the weather was cooler today so a jacket was not out of place. Because I am only 1.5m (4’11”) I have to shorten most trousers by about 12cm. So last night I was measuring and cutting and hand sewing the hems of the trousers. I am grateful that it was relatively quick to do as sewing navy blue or black at night is tiring on the eyes. I wore the heels that I had practiced wearing and I did full makeup.

Anyway, I looked the part for the meeting! And the meeting went really well. It was only 30 minutes but we covered such a lot. The person I met said that he found what I had to say “fascinating”. I was really grateful to have made such a good impression. My daughter told me how proud she was of me!

Today I taught my home help, Anna, how to cook a traditional South African dish that we have never cooked before, ever. I spotted some beautifully cleaned tripe and trotters at the local market a few weeks ago. And it immediately took me back to my nephew’s 21st birthday party, where his mother (a great cook) had made a huge pot of tripe and trotters curry. In South Africa, the dish is called ‘pens en pooitjies’ and I think I made a glutton of myself and ate and ate and ate! The dish includes butter beans and potatoes. I realize that offal is not everyone’s cup of tea, but Anna did an amazing job! I am very lucky and very grateful to have someone as talented as Anna work for me.

That’s all for today!

Until next time ☕️

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