Daily Gratitudes: Day 5 of 21

Well, here I am again. Day 5.

Today I wore a summery white dress to work. I usually look like a plump white marshmallow when I wear a white dress. So I was very grateful that the reflection in the mirror staring right back at me looked rather chic and quite nice. Yay me 😍

I have got out of the habit of wearing heels to work, opting instead to wear comfortable wedges. I have an important meeting on Thursday and I need to look my professional best. So I found a pair of heels that would be perfect and gave them a test run today. I am so grateful that they felt comfortable and that I was able to walk around the office the entire day in them.

I have a big decision to make by the end of the year, but I’ve come to realize that it’s Hobson’s choice really. This decision will determine what I will do for the next few years and it’s pretty scary to have been given so little time to think about it. I am really grateful for the extensive list of FAQs that was circulated yesterday. I’ve read through it twice and wondered why they were not provided right in the beginning. All the questions that I had have been addressed and I am now comfortable that I have all the information that I require in order to finalize my decision.

Today I was grateful to hear that my manager will personally sponsor a year end function for our department. Every year the company hosts elaborate year end functions across the group. This year our business unit will not be hosting any year end functions. This is such a pity because our area has done amazing work. So I’m grateful that our hard work will not go unrewarded.

Finally I am grateful for the rain. The heat has been stifling almost to the point of being unpleasant. We are experiencing one heck of a thunderstorm as I write. The thunder rolls and gathers into a crescendo before crashing across the sky in a brilliant show of lightning. The rain sounds so loud, it’s as if it can tear right through the roof. I am grateful that my dogs are not fearful of the thunderstorm. My previous GSD was terrified.

Until next time ☕️

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