Daily Gratitudes: Day 3 of 21

I don’t know where the time has gone! I nearly forgot to write this today; I clearly have forgotten how disciplined one has to be when journaling.

Today I am grateful that one of my team members was not hurt during a robbery. I was woken early with a message to say that he had been held up at gun point by three men on Friday night. He was sitting in peak hour traffic just outside the office when the men approached his car. He handed over his wallet and mobile phone. He was shaken but fine. This is the modus operandi of a gang of men in the CBD. They have a captive target because there are four lanes of one way traffic running on several roads and the vehicles are bumper to bumper. Other drivers look the other way. A few of my other team members have had similar experiences. I am grateful that they have all escaped physical harm. I am also grateful to have escaped being a victim thus far.

I am grateful for the time spent with my daughter today. Now that her exams are over she agreed to go to the mall with me for lunch. I needed to go to a book store first though to swap out some books that I had bought as gifts last week that I have had second thoughts about. I am grateful for the bookstore’s staff; they were understanding and helpful and I was able to find some great replacement books. We had lunch at a nearby seafood restaurant and the staff were very friendly. I’m grateful for the extra warm bread that the waitress gladly provided because I didn’t enjoy my meal much.

After lunch we shopped for a gift for my nephew’s new baby. It’s his 3 month old party next weekend and my mother in law is throwing a huge party for him. It’s her eldest son’s, eldest son’s first son! It’s a Chinese tradition for the grandparents to host the party, but my mother in law has asked to host this one. We found two cute little outfits and when we got to the cashier, she asked me if I didn’t want to select a third outfit because they had a special, three for the price of two, which we hadn’t noticed. I am grateful to the cashier for bringing this to my attention and very happy to have such a generous gift to give to my nephew!

This evening we dined with my husband’s new running partners and their families. Because Teddy is blind, he needs volunteers to guide him. He has had the same guides for nearly 15 years, but injury has ruled both out now for the past few years and he battled to find new guides. While we know Teddy’s new running partners a little, we don’t know their families and my daughter was very concerned about having to socialize with people that she doesn’t know. But it turns out that their children are at the same university as her and that they have mutual friends so talking flowed quite easily once we got over the first few minutes. I’m grateful that Teddy has such nice folk who are happy to spend their time running with him.

That’s it for today!

Until next time ☕️

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