Daily Gratitudes: Day 2 of 21

I had forgotten how difficult this is to do!

Our brains are naturally wired to watch out for the negativity around us as a survival mechanism. The idea of writing daily gratitudes is to rewire our brains to think positively. Our gratitudes should be unique and different every day which forces us to notice the smaller positive things. So at the end of the day, we should scan everything that comes to mind, letting go of any negative thoughts that come through while continuing to seek out the positive in our day.

So today I am particularly thankful that my daughter has finished writing exams. She had a panic attack during her second exam so the wellness clinic at the university had to fetch her from the venue to examine her. After ensuring that she had fully recovered, they applied for a clearance for her to defer the exam. I was impressed with their process and grateful for their gentle and caring approach.

My daughter and I have a very close bond and I am grateful that I get to hear her say, several times a day, that she loves me. I am so grateful that she has taught me to tell her that I love her very much too. I hardly said it much before, having been raised in a family where we didn’t express our emotions, but she has taught me that she needs to hear me say that I love her and that I need to say it first sometimes.

Today I am also grateful for a trouble free dental visit! I have only had two dentists in the past twenty years. The only reason that I changed was because we relocated and it became too far to travel. Dr Kin is very gentle and moves at a pace that is comfortable for you. However, I am always grateful when he is done!

I went shopping for some summer work clothes and I am grateful to have found some well fitting trousers. I have worn smart denim jeans to work most of this year, but it feels like our summer will be really warm and I can’t see myself wearing the same jeans, despite loving them so much, through a hot summer. I found a jacket that can be worn with the trousers for a more formal business look and although I probably won’t wear it much, it’s a good addition to my wardrobe.

Finally, I am grateful for being gifted with a pair of trousers that the clothing shop had taken out of stock but still had for sale on the floor! Last week I was gifted with a belt for the same reason. I couldn’t believe my luck then and I was astonished when it happened again today.

Until next time ☕️

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