Heritage Day

Heritage day is one of the nicest public holidays that we celebrate in South Africa. It’s celebrated on 24 September, so spring has hardly sprung, the weather is warm and many people will haul out and dust off their braai (barbecue) equipment, throw together a couple of beers and call over a few friends. If there is a rugby match on at the same time, all the better.

Heritage day is about celebrating your own as well as other people’s culture in South Africa. We are known as the Rainbow Nation and we have eleven different national languages. So it should come as no surprise that the holiday is celebrated in many different ways. This year’s theme is ‘Advancing transformation of South Africa’s heritage landscape’ and South Africa’s Vice President kicked off the celebrations with traditional dancers earlier this morning.

Heritage day is also affectionately known as ‘braai day’. So all over South Africa, different cultures are celebrating over a feast of some sort. South Africans love to throw a big steak, a few lamb chops and ribs on the braai. Because I woke up too late, we celebrated with an equally quintessential South African braai meat – the boerewors, a sausage traditionally made with minced beef, pork and spices. Throw that into a bread roll, add some tomato and onion relish and mustard. Wash down with a beer, a coke, or an ice cold Pims like I did today. Can’t get much better than that on any braai day!

Until next time ☕️

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