Sunday Declutter

I spent most of today clearing out the spare bedroom in the house. For a few years now, the room has been more of a storeroom than a bedroom. The room was so full of boxes and suitcases and packets, that it came to a point where the door could no longer close! I had made one attempt before to clear it out, but everything just found their way back.

But the room has finally been restored to a bedroom once more! The catalyst was buying a new bed for my daughter. She wanted a bed that is more suited to her twenties than her tweens.

I love her (now) old bed! It was perfect for a 12 year old girl; it has beautiful curves with white gloss head and foot boards. When it was all dressed up in cerise fitted sheets, silver grey duvet covers and satiny pink pillowcases, it looked fit for a princess.

But that was nearly 10 years ago. Now my daughter is into minimalism. And, of course, she is a young adult now. So her old bed was moved into the spare room to make way for her new, no frills bed.

This is what we achieved today!

But clearing out the spare room was just the first step. Because everything, absolutely everything, was moved onto my back patio. With the spring rains due in a week or two, I have to sort and clear the boxes off the patio now, otherwise items that I have been hoarding to donate to charity will all be ruined.

I am using the three boxes declutter method; one box for items that I want to keep, one box for items that are good enough to give away and one box for items that are to be thrown away. Because the patio leads off from my dining room, the boxes for the first two are now cluttering my dining room area!

But my daughter and I made very good progress today. We have a box of stuffed animals for a nursery school all packed, sealed and labeled; we have a box of all her old school uniforms and sports equipment packed ready for delivery and we have a box of old birthday cards packed to give to a charity that re-uses the front to make new cards for sale. My cousin took away a huge box full of old videos. And of course there is a massive box of items to throw out.

We’ve had a lot of fun, my daughter in particular. She found the negatives for our wedding photos and realized that she hadn’t seen our wedding pics. She read every card to decide whether they went to the donation box or keep box. We found her first valentine roses; from when she was 13! And I finally threw out the sugar cake toppers dating back to birthday cakes from when she was 5 years old!

There is still a lot to do, but I am satisfied that if the rains were to come tomorrow that there is nothing left on the patio to spoil.

It was all very dusty and sweaty work, so after a shower, we took Uber to our local Chinese restaurant for a quick noodle dish. The combination of being driven there and back together with the speed of being served a tasty, well cooked meal has made us decide to do this more often!

My husband had a combination wor mein, a noodle soup with vegetables, seafood and mixed meats. One of his favorite dishes!

Until next time ☕️

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