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Thank goodness it’s Friday! Friday couldn’t have come quickly enough for me, my week had been that bad. And I was looking forward to doing absolutely nothing this weekend. No plans.

But Friday turned out to be a great day at the office! We held a retrospective of the achievements for the past quarter and the level of participation and insights from the teams gave me renewed hope for the transformation that I am leading.

So it was with a completely different lens that I was able to see out the day. And I realized that I had forgotten the other huge win of the week. The Top 100 feature list was a massive achievement in our transformation, and it was somehow over clouded by the other work stressors.

I have been able to deal more calmly with issues at the office so far this year, despite the increase in my responsibilities, but recent events have been very testing. My dreams have been hectic and while on the surface they don’t appear to be work related, they all seem to be about being frantic about something, getting lost somewhere or running away from something. My boss thinks it’s definitely work related!

And to make matters worse this week, I woke up on Thursday with nausea and cramps in my stomach. My husband is a reflexologist and my daughter and I always turn to him before considering a doctor. His verdict was that I was stressed! So much for being calm at the office!

So today I spent the day on the couch! I slept and ate and watched Simone Halep finally win a grand slam. I was rooting for her because it can’t be a great feeling being world number one without a grand slam under your belt. Tomorrow I plan to watch the men’s final. I wonder if Nadal will be able to withstand the power and skill that Thiem will bring to the court? It promises to be a great encounter.

Until next time ☕️

4 thoughts on “TGIF”

    1. Thank you! I’m really glad that you have remained interested. I’ve just become very busy and a tad bored to be honest because I’m not fulfilling the purpose of the site. I’m working on remedying this though so please keep a lookout.


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