Sunday sunshine

We have been blessed with the most incredible weather for a winter’s day in Joburg today!

The sun is warm and inviting, the skies are blue, there is just a hint of a breeze and the birdsong can be heard quite clearly above the noise of the traffic.

I started the day by sleeping in late. Then I got up and made a fresh batch of buttermilk scones (some of you may call them biscuits) for breakfast. I’ve made these for years and I no longer have to check quantities. It’s my mother’s recipe and is one of a handful that I have made an effort to get to know. We eat them straight from the oven with lashings of Irish butter but I have been known to serve them with chunky strawberry jam and whipped cream on the side.

So I’m taking advantage of what I’m sure is the last of these gorgeous days to chill out on the patio with a glass of freshly squeezed Valencia orange juice and a book. I can’t seem to get through an entire book these days so today I am reading a book of short stories called Fools & other stories by South African author Njabulo S Ndebele. His writing is unfussy with a wealth of tiny detail that bring his stories to life.

I love my patio! It stretches right across the one side of my house and all the main rooms open up onto it. The patio looks onto the pool. It is enormous and one of my favorite places on hot summer days. Because the patio faces east on the one side and north on the other, it gets sun for most of the day. And it somehow seems to trap the heat, so even when the sun has completely moved over to the west, it is still lovely and warm for a couple of hours.

At this time of the year, we have an abundance of oranges, apples, pears and avocado pears. Our house is always full of oranges and avocado pears. My husband can sit and eat two or three oranges in one sitting, and after dinner! For a short while, we can also get persimmons. I bought a huge bagful last week and have added them to my morning smoothie because they ripened mostly at the same time! My fruit tray stands in the lounge in front of a large north facing window. Sometimes the fruit becomes warm which helps the ripening process.

I haven’t had such a warm, relaxing day in a long time. Usually we sit curled under a blanket in the TV room (our house is really cold, which is great for hot summers, not great for cold winters). The door from the TV room onto the patio is always open, but in winter it’s become a habit to stay indoors in front of a roaring wood fire. But it’s not cold enough yet and the outdoors is still so inviting.

The sun has moved quite a lot already and the breeze has picked up a bit. I have a chicken roast that I will turn into sandwiches with a freshly baked ciabatta loaf and bright red tomatoes that I picked up at the shops this morning. My husband will be pleased. We usually only eat take outs on the weekend so it’s a real treat when I decide to make a meal that doesn’t come wrapped or out a box! While sandwiches may not usually be considered a meal, my daughter is out doing a photo shoot followed by a Jose Cuervo function (she’s a brand ambassador) until late so it’s just the two of us for dinner.

I think it will be a lovely way to end a delightfully warm day!

Until next time ☕️

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