Low Key Birthday Lunch

On Sunday we had what I call a ‘low key birthday lunch’. Twenty of our family came for lunch and each brought a dish to celebrate my aunt’s 84th birthday.

We had a veritable feast of Chinese dishes! Roast duck, pork belly with crackling, cha siu (Chinese bbq pork), vegetable chow mein, prawn haw fan (rice noodles), Chinese red pork casserole, siow kai (chicken cooked in soya sauce) and crispy battered deep fried aubergine stuffed with minced fish. We also had chicken breyani (Indian rice dish), cauliflower salad and white rice.

My aunt celebrates her birthday on the same day as my daughter and they have had s few joint celebrations in the past. But because my daughter turned 21 this year, we decided to celebrate separately.

My family celebrate all special occasions around food. And lots of food! And if you are wondering, the table that you see above is just one of the tables; we had three, all with the same dishes on them! And there are always leftovers. Most times the family will help themselves to leftovers but a number of them left for a show directly from lunch and so we had leftover roast duck with rice and bak choy soup for dinner last night. Tonight we will have leftover breyani.

And a celebration in our family would not be complete without dessert! I usually go to town with dessert, but remember this was a low key lunch!

My cousin bought the most decadent chocolate birthday cake and another baked a delicious cheesecake. Me? I bought several cans of peaches, pears, guavas and litchis and provided four different kinds of creams! This was a nostalgic nod to our childhood when canned fruit and dessert cream was standard fare for Sunday lunch.

Our family lunches have been known to go on for hours! We have been known to stay such a long time that the host has had to reheat the leftovers for dinner that night! And even then, we stay. We have copious cups of tea or coffee. I think the record is past midnight! We were lucky on Sunday. We started lunch at 1pm and after most had left, two of my cousins and their spouses sat with my husband and I in the dim light on the patio, drank tea to keep warm and reminisced about my daughter’s home coming 21 years ago. They left at 7pm.

I guess a good time was had by all.

Until next time☕️

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