Oh! What a night!

I woke up this morning with a huge sense of relief! The party was over, Nicole had a wonderful time and so did our family and friends.

I stressed throughout. Especially when the food was late. And although this didn’t matter to the youngsters, the grannies were getting over hungry.

The manager on duty did a great job to get me to relax and to leave the management and the stress to him. Not an easy task! But he took special care of me, plying me with wine and at one stage convinced me to have a shot with my daughter! But once the food arrived, I started to relax and was able to mingle with the guests.

I know that to guests, speeches can seem to go on and on with no end in sight. Ours went on for a little longer than planned. Two of Nicole’s long time friends spoke. Selma was at junior school with Nicole. They have such a comfortable relationship. They laugh hysterically at the same unfunny jokes and they are movie buddies; they love the movies that nobody else does! Heron (the girls at Nicole’s high school call one another by their surnames) met Nicole in senior school. They love each other like sisters. They talk the same, dress the same and have the same sense of outrage over a disregard for the ills of this world. My nephew has known Nicole since she was a baby. They are very close and they share things with each other that the rest of the family don’t necessarily know. His memories were very sweet, especially his recollection of playing with Nicole when they were children.

My husband and I did separate speeches and they were quite different. He remembered to thank everyone for the part that they played in Nicole’s journey. Just as well, because the only people that I thanked were my husband and my helper Anna who has been with us for nearly 21 years. Anna has been my rock and is like Nicole’s second mother. She has always been there for Nicole and that enabled me to work some crazy hours throughout Nicole’s childhood. Nicole’s speech was authentic and real. She spoke from the heart with no prompts. And she had to pause several times to wipe tears away. Although she was on her school’s public speaking team for years, she doesn’t enjoy speaking in public and she was very nervous. But her speech was full of emotion and full of heart. It was beautiful.

And then the music played and the dancing started. And all the old people left!

Nicole came home at 4AM.

She’s a big girl now!

Until next time ☕️

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