Dream Bride

All young girls dream of their wedding day. The white pouffy gown studded with pearls and diamanté, the glittering tiara, the veil that trails at least three meters behind her as she walks down the aisle to some obscure looking young man in a tux whose face resembles that of Justin Bieber, or whoever happens to be the celebrity of the day.

The dream is not so much about the young man, or the wedding ceremony, or even about the celebration that follows. No, the dream is about all the events that lead up to that defining moment when you step out of the limousine or horse drawn carriage, to the admiration of all your friends and family, and maybe a few paparazzi because you are marrying Justin Bieber after all.

It’s about being the center of attention at that moment, when your sisters and girl friends all fade into the background and the radiant young bride waving to the crowd is you.

Of course, this moment is the culmination of many years of plannng. Every young woman has planned her wedding for years. Combing through bridal magazines and the internet to find the perfect style, the perfect color and the new up and coming designer who wants to pay you for wearing his latest creation as you walk down the aisle.

You pore over each new bridal magazine in bookstores. You can just see yourself in that creation that walked the ramp at Fashion Week. You beg, borrow and steal magazines. You pull out the pages of your latest find. You discuss each new find with your BFF.

You start a file.

And then there are the shoes! They have to be the perfect stilettos, Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blahnik. You don’t know how to balance in heels yet and you have no idea of the pain that stilettos can inflict, but you can imagine how they accentuate the arches of your feet and you can’t help but gasp. And they needn’t be white. Perhaps a pair of red to really catch the eye as you step out of the limo; give the fashion magazines something to write about. You agonize over neutral or bright nail polish. Eventually your BFF convinces you that a pearly pink would show off those red stilettos to perfection.

And what about the hair? Choosing a hairstyle starts months before. Length can always be added but the color has to be just right so that the hair shimmers when it catches the sun. Many brides to be agonize over whether to have an up do or to leave their hair loose. Proms and school dances are the perfect opportunity to try out new trends. You discuss the styling options with your stylist and have several trials. You learn that a style has to be kept in place for an entire day and that heaps and heaps of pins and virtually an entire can of spray are needed to keep an up do in place on the day of the wedding. Some you like, some you don’t. You take photos of the ones that you do and add them to your file. Secretly, you think you’ll just leave your beautiful long hair loose.

As a young girl, money is no object. The dress can be hand sewn in Paris, the shoes can come from Spain, the make up artist can be flown out from the States and even the flowers can be couriered in the day before from London. And when money is no object, guests can be flown to Mauritius for a sunset ceremony on the beach!

Ah! This is the stuff of dreams! And as a mom I would like my daughter to have the wedding of her dreams. But as a mom, my focus is more on that obscure young man whose face has not quite yet swum into focus. My wish for daughter is that he will love her more than life itself, that he will respect her for the independent young woman that she has become, that he will treat her as an equal partner in their marriage and most of all that he will make her so happy that she will never forget how to laugh so much that her tummy aches.

Until next time ☕️

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