It’s not often that you come across triplets, so striking that they can hurt your eyes. High cheekbones, haunting looks, lilting voices. Artsy some might call them, a distinctive way of dressing that some might call hip. They can look as if they travelled from another era.

Well, two of the three anyway. The third is tall, lanky and slouches just a little. High cheekbones, blue eyes that you feel you could drown in if you stand too close by. But this one can disappear into the background. And in the presence of the other two, it tends to happen rather often.

The girls are identical, I think of them as the twins rather than as triplets. He doesn’t look much like them. Except for their startling blue eyes. I tend to think of him as the twins older brother. But there are times when he seems far, far younger.

Everything the girls touch pretty much turns to gold, he not so much. They are the stars of the show, he works backstage. There is no mistaking their confidence. He seems to live just a little in their shadow.

How can they be triplets when the odds seem to be so unevenly stacked? But triplets they are. Born on the same day, within the same hour, only a few minutes separating their birth.

Quite fiercely protective of one another.

It would seem that there is so much more to being a triplet than meets the eye.

Until next time ☕️

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