The world has changed significantly in just a few months.

Social distancing has created chasms in relationships.

The lines between living at home and working from home have blurred.

Many have lost their jobs or shut down their business.

BUT there are hundreds of people who are taking up new opportunities in this new normal to change their lives right now!

The good news is that I have one such opportunity to offer to you!

My name is Joy and my superpower is maximizing people, processes and systems. What that means is that I start with what exists and I help to make it better, often a lot better. And this is my offer to you.

Contact me and I will send you an invitation to our next 40 minute Zoom meeting. At the meeting, you will hear about the business opportunity from the experts. Thereafter, you decide.

You like what you heard, but want more information? Great, let’s chat. You loved what you heard and want to do the business? Fantastic, let’s sign you up! Not for you? Thank you for your time. Perhaps another time? There is absolutely no pressure! So what do you have to lose?

Click here for your invitation to the meeting.

In the words of Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until it’s done”.

Imagine the possibility!


From MM, one of my first coaching clients:

I think of my life these days in two parts – Before Joy and After Joy. And those parts of my life are significantly different. I am so happy that Joy agreed to coach me. She has changed my life.

From EM, another happy client:

Joy encouraged me to chase my dreams. She helped me to understand what was important; she helped me to believe in myself. Joy is a brilliant coach.