Hello and Welcome!

The world has changed significantly in just a few months.

Social distancing has created chasms in relationships.

The lines between living at home and working from home have blurred.

Our usual way of doing things don’t work anymore.

Many are not coping with this way of life which has been thrust upon us.

If you need a coach, I can help you. I am ready to serve.

My name is Joy and my invitation to you is to stop by for a chat. One chat may be all that you need!

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In the words of Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until it’s done”.

Imagine the possibility!

Stay safe.


From MM, one of my first coaching clients:

I think of my life these days in two parts – Before Joy and After Joy. And those parts of my life are significantly different. I am so happy that Joy agreed to coach me. She has changed my life.

From EM, another happy client:

Joy encouraged me to chase my dreams. She helped me to understand what was important; she helped me to believe in myself. Joy is a brilliant coach.